Short Videos

What was life like under Communism? Joseph Forgas describes why he wanted to escape from Hungary.

Joseph made three attempts to escape Communist Hungary. If caught, he faced five to ten years in jail.

Holodomor: starvation to death of 3.9m people enforced by Stalin featuring Anne Applebaum, author of "Red Famine".

The story of the man living in the Soviet Union who literally did not believe that Marks & Spencer was open to the public. He was sure it would only be accessible to party members. 

Inside the Stasi prison in East Berlin with Vera Lengsfeld, a former prisoner there during the Communist era.

The father of Ioanna Voicu-Arnautoiu's parents  was shot by the Securitate - the secret police during the Communist era in Romania. Her mother was sent to a prison where she died because of the terrible conditions. Ioanna was orphaned and only discovered who her real parents were in later life.

Jaden Lam Phan, aged 9, was put in a cell and beaten for not informing on his father who, like a million others, was trying to escape Communist Vietnam.